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Ash Classen


E. Jo Bailey

M.A., M.D.

Dr. Classen has been practicing medicine since 1978 in the areas of Anesthesiology, Pain Management and Age Management and Regenerative Medicine. Trained and boarded in both Anesthesiology with extensive training in Pediatric and Adult Anesthesiology, Cardiac Anesthesiology, and Fellowship trained in Pain Medicine, he has spent the entirety of his adult life relieving pain and restoring function to his patients. He proudly served in the US Navy for 24 years initiating his career in pain medicine as a corpsman on the front lines in Vietnam. At this time he witnessed and performed pain relieving techniques in the field for his wounded dying teammates. Thus his mission to relieve pain and improve quality of life began and continues to this day.


As an offshoot of that desire to decrease pain and increase function of the patient Dr. Classen established the Institute of Age Management and Regenerative Medicine to intervene in the aging process and to help to forestall the onset of life changing pathology before illness robs the body of its energy, health and vitality.


Dr. Classen has years of continual professional development beyond his practice in pain with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, The Bisson Institute of Mesotherapy, The Klein Tumescent Liposuction and Stem Cell Harvest Techniques, AMA accredited UCLA’s Physician’s Medical Acupuncture Training, and Cenegenics Medical Institute. He has studies with the word renowned physician, Richard Rosenthal on advanced techniques for enhanced PRP and Stem Cell Harvest Injections. Dr. Classen is past President of the American College of Anesthesiology and continues to serve as a board examiner for that organization. He is an adjunct Clinical Associate Professor in Surgery, Anesthesiology, Interventional Pain Management at University of North Texas Health Science Center in Fort Worth, Texas.


Dr. Classen’s greatest fulfillment is helping to make his patient’s lives better. He loves improving quality of not only their lives but as a result the lives of their family. On the weekends he serves as an ordained Episcopal Priest in the Diocese of Dallas continuing in the process of renewing and regenerating his parishioners as well as himself.

Dr. Jo Bailey has been practicing medicine since 1983 initiated in the US Navy in Emergency Medicine. She has further training at Southwestern Medical School in Pathology. It is there that she witnessed the results of unchecked aging on the body and the mind. At that point she decided to dedicate her life to helping other achieve optimal health. She is also trained in pain medicine and is a staff physician at Trinity Pain Medicine in Fort Worth as well as being a staff physician at Institute of Age Management and Regenerative Medicine. She has received further training from Cenegenics Medical Institute, the AMA accredited UCLA Physician’s Medical Acupuncture training and has achieved the level of Fellow in the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.


Dr. Bailey’s fulfillment is in helping the patients gain confidence and empowerment in knowing that they are becoming the best that they can be. Dr. Bailey considers her greatest accomplishment is seeing the enrichment of the lives of her patients from the inside out. She continues to be inspired by her staff, her family and her faith.


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