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PRP Treatment of Morton's Neuroma


Morton's Neuroma is a painful condition in the foot resulting in irritation of the plantar digital nerve of the foot. Commonly, it occurs in the second or third web spaces and the pain radiates into the toes. However, in some cases the pain can be diffuse and radiate to the upper foot and ankle. Conditions which produce maximal irritation include:

  1. Entrapment by fibrosis (scar tissue) due to constant downward pressure of walking or running
  2. Scarring around the nerve due to direct i11jury
  3. Degeneration of the joints adjacent to the nerve (arthritis)
  4. Bursitis between the long bones (metatarsals) of the foot


Common Causes include:

  1. Wearing of ill-fitting shoes with compression from the sides (women's high heels)
  2. Improperly fitting tennis or running shoes resulting in asymmetric compression



Physical exam with point tenderness to manual compression, along with xrays or an MRI which can show more detailed abnormalities. The simplest way to observe the condition is through ultrasound and palpation of the area.



Traditionally, orthopedists and podiatrists have used conservative approaches such as changing and acquiring better fitting shoes and physical therapy. Injection of local anesthetics and corticosteroids commonly will provide temporary improvement, in some cases, for months. Severe cases are often treated surgically, though surgery can also result in recurrent scarring.


Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) has been used in recent years to employ growth factors from the patient's own blood and restore or regenerate collagen and reduce scar tissue. This can relieve the problem for years at a time. This novel therapy can also result in reduction in arthritis and

bursitis, not only in the foot but also in major joints of the body.


PRP employs the capture and concentration of growth factors in the patient's own blood which are then injected into the affected area under ultrasound guidance or fluoroscopy (dynamic xray).


Stem cell therapy can also be used by aspiration of fat (liposuction) from the patient's body, then concentrating them into small volwnes, after which they may be combined with PRP for added regenerative effect. It is possible in this way to effect complete healing of partial tears in cartilage, ligaments, tendons and muscle tissue.


lf you are one who suffers from the endless pain of Morton's Neuroma, arthritis, bursitis of the foot, ankle or other parts of the body, PRP may be an answer to relieving the chronic pain and debilitation which you have experienced.


Drs. E. Jo Bailey, MD and Ashley M. Classen, DO, F AOCA have been practicing Regenerative and Age-Management Medicine since 2003 in Fort Worth, Texas, Dr. Classen is Board Certified and Fellowship Trained in Anesthesiology and lnterventional Chronic Pain Management and has practiced this subspecialty since 1985.


Drs. Bailey and Classen serve patients within the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex as well as surrounding areas of North Texas. Contact us for an appointment by calling (817)336-6461 Monday through Friday.


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